Upcoming Cookery Classes

Hi, We are announcing our next series of classes: Feb 11 – Quick Breads Feb 12 – Salads -I Feb 14 – Cake Pops Feb 28 – Fudges & Brownies March 4 – Salads -II March 5 – Summer Coolers March 6 – Frosting a cake with Chocolate Frosting March 7 – Cake Popsicles March […]

Cultural Importance of Chocolate

Do you see any connection between Easter, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Mexico’s Day of the Dead? They’re all celebrated with chocolate. Though cacao is no longer used as money, it still plays a dominant role in cultures around the world even today. Chocolate features in holidays and special occasions. The Maya celebrated […]

The History of … Valentine’s Day & Chocolate

Have you ever wondered why every February 14 th , love-struck men and women spend more than 1 billion dollars on chocolate products? Has chocolate got to do anything with the most romantic day of the year? Let us explore the history of chocolate and Valentine’s Day. The first obsession with chocolate probably first began 2,000 years […]